Finishing up Sebago

Crazy to start from plein air painting and move into the studio for the final rounds with a piece. Sebago Lake with is located in lower central Maine in the Lake Region of Maine provided a beautiful back drop to sit in a state park and paint. The day started off going from site to site and lake to lake but the weather won't have it at the other lakes, wind keep pushing the boards over... Luckily at Sebago the wind hit from behind, bringing a warm fall breeze, and the smell of locals having a final outdoor camp fire of the season. Traveling through the state now the colorful canopies are shedding weight. Leafs and pine needles rain down, this week a temperatures will hit freezing. The cycles in which this place transforms, usually in contrast to the previous season. This will make it exciting to see my first winter in Maine.

Daniel RauschenbachComment